People become motivated to make a decision for one of two reasons: to avoid a potential loss or to acquire a future gain. According to Phil, and just about every persuasion expert on the planet, people will work far harder to avoid a potential loss than they will to achieve a potential gain.Apple won’t disclose details about its chip development and manufacturing costs, but it is overwhelmingly likely that the move to Apple Silicon will lower the cost of making a Mac. Analysts from Forbes estimated that the switch could save an average of about $110 per machine — but that could increase considerably with scale.On the ‘How will you use the Twitter API or Twitter data?’ page, select yes or no, as shown above. I have put a few example answers here — these are only valid for this specific use-case, so please adjust them to your own needs where relevant.

Is your spouse feeling adored? Is she feeling appreciated? Admired? Do you care for, protect, support, and keep your partner safe, both physically and emotionally? Would she answer this the same way you would?

It is true that it costs vast amounts of money to develop and maintain your own…


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